Spring cleaning tips are important not just for at home but in the workplace. A clean environment is almost guaranteed to increase productivity. This is because of the physical time it will save when finding things that are in the right place, but also the mental impact – a gleaming workspace puts you in the right frame of mind and is more inviting to your customers. With this in mind here are some spring cleaning tips.

Don’t forget the windows!

  • It is important to remember that the windows (both inside and outside) need cleaning too.
  • A top tip is to clean your windows on a cloudy day. This is because the sun will dry up the windows too quickly which can leave behind streaks.
  • At Cesar, we supply cleaning products such as window cleaner, window cleaning gloves and buckets which will help you to make the process easier.

Carpet cleanings

  • Vacuuming regularly ensures that there is not a build-up of dirt which can make vacuuming a bigger chore than it needs to be.
  • At Cesar, we have cleaning equipment and cleaning products which can make vacuuming a lot easier, including high-quality vacuum cleaners. We also supply Prochem Coffee stain Remover and Cesar Liquid Chewing Gum Remover which can be used on more difficult stains.


  • Having sanitary bag holders in the bathroom makes both public and private toilets a lot more hygienic.
  • Having toilet blocks is essential when keeping your bathroom fresh and keeping on top of public toilets. Buying them in a large quantity and then storing them away in the bathroom or cleaning cupboard is a great tip to help you keep on top of bathroom hygiene.

Cesar specialises in supplying the cleaning products and cleaning equipment which are designed to make cleaning more efficient and easy. Contact us for more information.