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Taking care of your home largely involves ensuring that all the nooks and crannies are squeaky clean. Many cleaning companies promise to offer you incredible cleaning supplies. However, these supplies either end up being short-lived or ridiculously expensive. Cesar Janitorial Supplies now has the solution. Here, we have outstanding cleaning supplies that will delight you beyond words. We’ve even relieved you the unnecessary hassle of coming all the way to shop at our stores. We have made it possible for you to buy cleaning equipment online. You therefore get to view our extended range of cleaning supplies from the comfort of your home.
What we offer
Founded back in 1968, Cesar Janitorial Supplies has been around for eons now. Our incredible experience providing durable cleaning equipment has helped us leap ahead of the pack. We possess the best range of cleaning supplies all over the UK. We stock every janitorial equipment you’d ever need. If we don’t have exactly what you require, we promptly locate it and avail it to you. Apart from stocking numerous product lines and major brands, we offer same day as well as next day services. Our tremendous reputation and excellent service precedes us.
While most companies manufacturing cleaning supplies hesitate to allow their customers to buy cleaning equipment online, Cesar Janitorial Supplies are proud to offer this groundbreaking service. Whether you need a good vacuum cleaner for your carpets or a handy broom-set for your floors, explore our website and pick from our wide variety of equipment. Gone are the uncongenial days where you had to travel for hours to buy your favourite cleaning item. Technology has dramatically changed the way we shop. Being a company that embraces the ever-changing technology, Cesar Janitorial Supplies guarantee to offer you convenience in your shopping. Buy cleaning equipment online today from our unending stock.
Here at Cesar, we offer all the tools and equipment you’d need to spruce up your house or office. Whether you need a basic light bulb or a more sophisticated carpet cleaner, we’ve got you covered. For instance, our 1-inch paint brush costs ₤0.88 while our 100W light bulb costs ₤1.32. On the other hand, our Mytee carpet cleaners cost only ₤2,994. We also have a wide range of floor care equipment such as the 3M Doodlebug Pad Holder Hand Tool which costs ₤15.67. Our Cesar Lemon Gel Disinfectant fetches ₤9.30. With such an exquisite selection of products to choose from, you’re guaranteed to get only the best. To buy cleaning equipment online, explore our website:
We supply our revered cleaning supplies in London, Essex and other cities around the United Kingdom. Our numerous customers are always elated by the level of excellence with which we offer our unique services. If you desire to pay us a visit at our London-based offices, we’re always open during business hours in the weekdays. We also open from 7am to 12.30pm on Saturdays. We provide a free local delivery service for all orders exceeding ₤50. You can buy cleaning equipment online via our website For queries, call us on 01279 454007.