Some essential general catering supplies that everyone needs!

Catering companies across the UK are always searching for the best deal when it comes to bulk catering supplies and condiments. At Cesar Janitorial Supplies, catering and bar products are offered at unbeatable prices – everything you could ever need in just one place. There are multiple general catering supplies that every catering company needs – from coffee and sugar to oven cleaner.

Hot drinks

There’s no denying that – whatever the function – us brits love our hot drinks. Whether the occasion is a wedding, party or just a general gathering, there is always some tea and coffee on offer to get your guests through the day. This is why hot drinks are included on this list of essential general catering supplies – to please your guests and keep them happy!



Where there are hot drinks, there is usually sugar – best bought in larger 1kg bags to ensure that it lasts. This is an essential, especially if your business offers tea and coffee – which, if not, is definitely worth considering.


Oven cleaner

This is one of the most vital general catering supplies that remains behind the scenes, out of the guests reach – the oven cleaner. Vital for getting the deepest clean for your oven, and ensuring that the quality of the food served is not diminished by any residue left over from the previous dish.


Machine descaler

This is another behind-the-scenes essential – it keeps your machines running smoothly, whether that be kettles, coffee machines, washers or steamers, it will keep everything working at it’s best to ensure quick and efficient use.


Dishwasher supplies

Dishwasher salt, gel, and rinse aid are all great general catering supplies to be stocked up on, as it makes sure that all plates, cutlery and dishes are cleaned to the highest standard for the next set of guests. Using all three will keep your supplies looking newer for longer, too, so less money is wasted on replacements.


Hair nets

All functioning kitchens should include the requirement for all hair to be covered so that none is transferred to any food or drink that is being prepared – hair nets make sure that this is a problem averted.


Kitchen roll

For those smaller, less alarming spills in the kitchen or on tables, kitchen roll is the best thing to use – it soaks up moisture quickly and easily, and is disposable so each new piece is cleaner. It is considered more sanitary to use than cloths or sponges, which are sometimes difficult to get completely clean.



For the use of your guests, napkins are one of the vitals general catering supplies that you should purchase. There will always be small spills where guests are concerned, and offering napkins can reduce the amount of cleaning that has to be done when the function is over.