The best way to clean hard floors

Many people opt for hard floors as opposed to carpet in their homes, mostly due to how much easier they are to clean. There are a lot of different ways to clean hard floors – different methods can be used for different jobs. Some stains will require a more thorough cleaning than others, and there may even be products on the market that are specifically made for a certain stain – for example, there are many different spray cleaners to mop up animal waste. For general cleaning, however, there are a few easy and thorough steps that you should take.

Hard floors should be cleaned once every few weeks to keep them looking shiny and new. To clean hard floors, you’ll need a mop, vacuum, some water, dish soap and a dry cloth. To begin with, make sure the floor is free of any debris – all bits and bobs should be removed to make sure the floor is clear and ready to clean. If you need to move furniture in order to give the floor a proper clean, then you may want to consider buying some furniture pads to go underneath, to prevent any scratches.

Next, vacuum the floor to get rid of any surface dirt and small pieces of debris that you may have missed when clearing the space. You could use a dry mop for this, but since most will already have a vacuum on hand, hoovering the floor will do the same job. To clean your hard floors, you should use a mop – when mopping, go with the grain of your floor to prevent friction. If your floors are polyurethaned, adding some dishwashing liquid to water and using this mixture to mop can work wonders. Regardless, your mop should be rinsed out thoroughly before it comes into contact with the floor, as too much water can cause damage. If your floors are lacquered, do not use any water on them, as this will stain the wood and could cause buckling, ruining your floors. There are products on the market specifically tailored for lacquered floors, to clean hard floors without causing any damage to the wood or the finish.

After mopping, use a dry cloth to lift any soapy residue and water. Rubbing the cloth into the floor should also produce a nice shine, and make your clean hard floors look brand new. If the floors still aren’t looking as shiny as you had hoped, or you just want to go that extra mile, pick up some wood-floor cleaner from your manufacturer, which will be made specifically to give your hard floors the perfect sheen.