Spring is the season for cleaning – many homeowners use the brighter skies and warmer weather as a signal to dig out the sprays and creams ready to deep-clean cabinets and counters. It can be overwhelming when faced with an entire house to clean, so here are a few home spring cleaning tips and tricks to get your house spick and span for the new season.

Get the major tasks finished first

Getting the bigger cleaning tasks out of the way will make cleaning feel a lot quicker. A good home spring cleaning tip is to tackle your floors first, as this is arguably the most tasking of all your cleaning jobs – after all, there’s one in every room! For hard floors, simply give them a mop to get rid of any dirt or residue. Then, to protect them from another year of wear and tear, use a sealer or wax to add another barrier against damage. For carpets, use a carpet cleaner to get deep into the fibres and eliminate stains and debris. For any floor job, moving furniture out of the way is a must to be able to clean the whole floor – make sure that you are careful when moving your chairs and tables, as you don’t want to scratch the floor or mark your carpet. Cleaning your furniture is another big task, so get this done after your floors. For wood, use a polish to give an attractive shine and eliminate dust. For upholstery, make sure you use a cleaner specifically designed for fabric, so you don’t risk the colour or texture of your furniture. Opening your windows to allow ventilation can help upholstery to dry quicker if you’re short for time.

Don’t forget ceiling fixtures

A vital home spring cleaning tip is to remember your ceiling fixtures! Because they’re not in your line of sight, it’s easy to forget about them, allowing them to collect even more dust and dirt in the months to come. Ceiling fans, air conditioning vents and light fixtures are just as important as other aspects of your home when it comes to cleaning, so don’t leave them out! Use a damp cloth or grab your hoover and connect a soft nozzle attachment to rid your ceiling fixtures of dust. Another home spring cleaning tip is to invest in a step ladder – standing on precariously placed chairs can put your safety at risk, so a step ladder is essential to give your ceiling fixtures a proper clean.