We are all guilty of feeling lazy when it comes to cleaning, yet if you keep on top of it, then it becomes a lot less of a chore. Take a look at these common cleaning mistakes to find out if you can make your life any easier when it comes to cleaning!

Using a bar soap in your bathroom

Liquid soaps are an easier and cleaner option for your bathroom. The dish you keep your bar soap in never tends to get changed and it becomes a lot more hassle than it’s worth. Also, the germs can build up on the bar of soap more easily than on a pump.

The mystery behind shower curtains

No one really seems to know how to clean a shower curtain, or whether they should even be cleaned. Surely the shower cleans it for you, right? Wrong! But no need to worry, you don’t need to dispose of your shower curtain once it gets dirty. Simply chuck it into the washing machine with a bit of bleach!

Messy storage

The draws and cupboards in our house/work tend to be neglected a lot, allowing for the dust to build up. Make yourself a cleaning rota/checklist to keep on top of what you have and haven’t cleaned. You could also write down the products you’re running low on to save yourself from forgetting them when you are next due a re-stock! Put the rota on your fridge or stick it on the wall in visible sight, this way you avoid easy cleaning mistakes such as forgetting to clean a certain area of your house.

Don’t forget your electronics

When it comes to cleaning mistakes, forgetting to wipe electronics and similar products is one of the most common but easily changeable habits. Wires can often become sticky. A handy tip is to use a microfiber cloth to the wires in order to avoid getting them wet.

Buying cleaning products as you go

People tend to wait until they run out of cleaning products. Keeping a supply handy in the house or your work environment will save you from spilling something then ‘leaving it till later’. We’ve all been there! If you dedicate a cupboard or draw solely to cleaning products then it saves you from letting the mess build up until it becomes less manageable.

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